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Food, Wine & the Bible

All Inclusive Food, Wine and the Bible: A journey of flavors, faith, and fellowship.

Nothing is more fundamental to the Bible than food. Growing crops, grazing animals, the weather, even worshipping God, food consumed the lives and spiritual experience of the people in the Bible.

In a land where history, culture, and spirituality converge, embark on an extraordinary journey that will awaken your senses and nourish your soul. Welcome to the Food, Wine, and the Bible tour of Israel, where every step reveals a story waiting to be tasted.


Imagine strolling through vibrant markets, where the finest flavors of the Mediterranean blend with the timeless traditions of the Holy Land. Experience the essence of Israel as your taste buds dance with joy, discovering a culinary tapestry that has been woven for thousands of years.


Raise your glass to unforgettable moments, where vineyards kissed by the Mediterranean sun yield grapes that are transformed into heavenly wines. Savor the richness of Israel’s winemaking heritage and indulge in the exquisite harmony of flavors that captivate the senses and unite old and new worlds.


As the sun sets over timeless landscapes, let your spirit find solace and inspiration. Discover the words of the Bible as our expert instructors unveil the world of the Bible. Engage in captivating conversations as you travel and dine, fostering a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.


But this journey isn’t just about savoring the culinary delights and uncovering the world of the Bible. It’s about forging lasting connections with fellow travelers. Like ancient pilgrims, the journey, the discovery, the food connects you with your fellow travelers as you learn and find a renewed sense of purpose. Together, create memories forever etched in your hearts.


Are you ready to embark on a pilgrimage like no other? Join Biblical Adventures on our Food, Wine, and the Bible tour of Israel, where every sip, every bite, and every word resonates with the power to transform lives. Book your adventure today and let the flavors of the Holy Land awaken your senses, enrich your spirit, and illuminate your path.


Food, Wine, and the Bible. A journey of flavors, faith, and fellowship.

Featured Experiences


Ne'ot Kedumim Nature Park

Encounter the flora and fauna of biblical Israel and see how the land of the BIble played a dynamic role in communicating the message of the Scriptures and how food played an influential role in that encounter.


Kefar Kedem

Step back into the past and discover the ancient Jewish world of the Galilee, the world of Jesus. Located near Nazareth, Kefar Kedem offers hands-on experiences where you can learn about farming wheat to make bread, milking goats to make cheese. Taste and discover the Galilee of Jesus, and sleep in a Bedouin tent, before you embark on your hike to the Sea of Galilee the next day.

Kefar Kedem.png
Arab Cooking.png

Arab Cooking Class

We will participate in an Arab cooking workshop in the lower Galilee. Inside an Arab home. We will learn from master women cooks how to make traditional dishes from local ingredients.


Register by Sept. 21, 2023

Max 15 Participants

  • All Meals and Wine are Included

  • BE Private Concierge

  • Includes All Activity Fees

  • and more...


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