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Q: What can I expect on a Biblical Expedition tour? 

A: Our itineraries are designed to include full, active days (typically 8-10 hours a day) with plenty of opportunities to experience the lands of the Bible within their spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual contexts. Our expert-led expeditions are designed to uniquely use the lands of the Bible as a doorway to help travelers learn how to better read the Bible and bring the lands and the world of the Bible to life. Pace and physical activity level vary by trip and travel style (consult your specific expedition itinerary).


Our itineraries include some traditional, as well as many “off-the-beaten path” sites and locations. Daily activities will be visiting and exploring these locations as well as hearing from our hand selected local guides and our expert instructors. Our programs are also designed for you to experience the local culture and cuisine from an insider’s perspective (i.e., not the typical “tourist” traps and restaurants).

Q: What makes a Biblical Expedition trip different from other trips to the lands of the Bible

A: At Biblical Expeditions, we believe that the Bible is God’s revelation in time, space, and culture. Onsite engagement with the world of the Bible excites, encourages, and transforms Bible reading and study allowing modern readers to understand what the Bible meant as a way to understand what it means today. Our programs are led by expert biblical archaeologists, historians, and teachers, as well as our hand selected and trained local guides that uniquely bring the land and the world of the Bible to life. Our programs are not “biblical sightseeing trips.” Rather, we uniquely utilize the lands of the Bible as a doorway to enter into the world and culture of the Bible. Our programs focus on helping travelers understand how to better read the Bible within its spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual context in order to become followers of the Lord, people who study his words, do them, and teach other what they have learned (Ezra 7:10).

Q: How much flexibility is there in the itinerary and schedule?

A: Throughout all of our travel styles, we have built in options and free time where possible so that you can experience a place and its people in a way that’s meaningful to you. By their nature, some trips offer more flexibility and free time than others. Travelers should be aware, however, that our itineraries are designed with full, active days, so free time and flexibility will vary from day to day.



Q: What is included or not included in costs of trips?

A: For Biblical Expeditions, the cost includes meals (as indicated on each specific itinerary), accommodations, and excursions, activities, and entrances as indicated in the program itinerary; services of the Biblical Expeditions expert instructor and local guides; ground transportation; group transfers; baggage handling; gratuities; and pre-trip materials. Some expeditions also include roundtrip airfare, from designated airports (airfare may not be available for some programs).

Q: Do I need to purchase trip insurance? And if so, where can I get it?

A: For travelers on Biblical Expeditions’ programs, trip insurance is optional and comes at an additional cost. We strongly recommend that you purchase this insurance if you wish to protect your travel investment against an unforeseen cancellation or a needed emergency return flight home, it is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance policy. If a participant desires to purchase such a policy, he/she should be aware that most insurance companies will restrict certain coverage unless he/she submits for coverage within 14 days of registration for the program. Consequently, the participant should not delay in purchasing insurance.


If you need to purchase either medical (required) or travel (recommended) insurance, you should refer to the list of providers below. Please note Biblical Expeditions is not involved in securing travel insurance or the medical insurance offered by these companies and is not under any contract with the companies listed below. Any questions or concerns related to travel or medical insurance should be directed to Biblical Expeditions.


Q: What do I need to pack or bring on my expedition?

A: On a Biblical Expeditions program, the dress is typically casual, so we recommend that you pack clothes that are comfortable and well suited to the activities and climate specific to your expedition. Prior to your trip, we will provide you with packing tips and information regarding baggage weight and restrictions.


Some sites and countries on a Biblical Expeditions program require modest attire. Modesty means that men and women need to have shoulders and knees covered with clothing in order to enter. Prior to your trip, the packing tips we will provide you with will offer suggestions for modest attire for your expedition.

Q:  Once I book a trip, what materials will I receive?

A: Each Biblical Expedition program provides pre-trip materials specific to your expedition. These materials introduce travelers to the physical, historical, cultural, and spiritual settings of the Bible. They begin to set the spiritual and devotional tone of the trip. We also provide packing tips and information prior to your trip.

Q: Will I be able to explore the locations or cities on my own?

A: After touring the sites and locations on your program, free time is given in order for travelers to explore the site and take pictures. Due to the nature of the daily program, however, time given at sites is limited in order to maximize the experience. Most evenings are free, and travelers have the option to explore the areas where they are staying. By nature of being in a foreign country, we encourage travelers when they go out in the evenings to journey in small groups for safety.

If you have further questions please CLICK HERE or call (417) 408-8511.

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