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Do you ever find the Bible difficult to understand at times? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to study the Bible, or that you're missing out on what the Bible is saying? Do you desire to have a deeper relationship with God?


Windows Into the Bible University offers online courses taught by expert instructors that help you become better readers of the Bible. Our courses enable you to study the Bible within its geographical, historical, cultural, and spiritual contexts, which empower you to read the Bible with better understanding and enjoyment. Enroll in a single course, or take advantage of our monthly or yearly subscription option that gives you full access to all of the WITBU content.

At Biblical Expeditions and WITBU our passion is to give you the confidence and tools to approach your Bible study with anticipation and expectation.  Using the four windows along with a unique tailored Inductive Bible Study Method, we strive to equip you with these tools.

Join us as we use the world of the Bible to help you understand the words of the Bible.

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