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Trek Through Israel

Hike Biblical Israel: A Journey of exploration, resilience and discipleship

In a land where ancient tales and rugged terrains intertwine, venture forth on a remarkable expedition that will ignite your spirit and challenge your limits. Welcome to Biblical Adventures, where every step uncovers a story waiting to be lived.


Imagine yourself surrounded by breathtaking vistas, where the grandeur of nature harmonizes with the echoes of the past. Embrace the call of adventure as you traverse untamed landscapes, forging an unbreakable bond with the very soil that bore witness to the extraordinary events of the Bible.


Follow in the footsteps of prophets and heroes, as each stride propels you closer to the heart of the Holy Land. Experience the raw beauty of Israel’s diverse landscapes, from rugged deserts to lush valleys, where every turn reveals a chapter from the ancient scrolls.


As you trek through the wilderness, you enter God’s classroom, leave behind the distractions of modern life, and rediscover your connection with nature and fellow adventurers. Find solace in the simplicity of the trail, forging lifelong friendships and creating memories that will endure beyond the summit.


But this journey is not just about conquering trails or traversing vast deserts. It’s about reconnecting with the wisdom and teachings that have shaped believers for millennia. Immerse yourself in the world of the Bible. Slow down and discover the words of the Bible.


From the sacred paths leading to Jerusalem to the mesmerizing wilderness of the Negev Desert, let the wonders of biblical Israel be your compass on an unforgettable adventure. Unleash your inner explorer, embrace the challenges, and experience the transformative power of the journey.


Are you ready to embark on a pilgrimage of discovery and self-discovery? Join Biblical Adventures as we trek through biblical Israel, where every step connects you to the footsteps of history, and every moment shapes your own narrative. Book your adventure today and let the landscapes of the Holy Land become the backdrop of your transformation.


Hike biblical Israel. A journey of exploration, resilience, and discipleship.

Featured Experiences

Kefar Kedem.png

Kefar Kedem

Step back into the past and discover the ancient Jewish world of the Galilee, the world of Jesus. Located near Nazareth, Kefar Kedem offers hands-on experiences where you can learn about farming wheat to make bread, milking goats to make cheese. Taste and discover the Galilee of Jesus, and sleep in a Bedouin tent, before you embark on your hike to the Sea of Galilee the next day.

Trekking to the Sea of Galilee

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus cannot get more authentic than hiking from near his home town of Nazareth to the lake of Galilee where he lived and ministered. As you walk through the Galilee, like Jesus and his disciples, we will discover Jesus’ words and parables in a new way, an ancient way, which can transform us today.


ATVs through the Elah Valley

Travel through the landscape of one of the most famous stories of the Bible—David and Goliath. Explore the Elah Valley and get to biblical, off-the-beaten path places where the stories of David come to life.

Hiking through the Wilderness of Zin

The desert is God’s classroom within the Bible. Here he took people to teach them and test them. The children of Israel wandered in the Wilderness of Zin and confronted whether they would obey God or disobey Him. Trekking through this wilderness, with its hills and valleys, desert springs and geological wonders, brings you into God’s classroom. What does He want to teach you while you’re here?


Camping in the Wilderness of Zin

God took people into the wilderness, so they could hear Him. Spending three nights takes you away from the distractions of modern life, and allows you to slow down and connect with God and your fellow travelers. You arrive to your camp after a day of hiking and are met by your team of outfitters, who have your tents prepared and food cooking on the campfire. Enjoy the majesty of the desert at night as you rest and recharge for tomorrow’s trek.

Ascending to Jerusalem

Place your feet on the paths that have conveyed millions of pilgrims over the millennia to the Holy City of Jerusalem, the city where God chose for His name to dwell for all time. Read the Psalms of Ascent as you ascend to the Holy Mountain of the Lord. Discover Jerusalem through your feet. Explore its hills, valleys, and alleys and understand why this city is mentioned more than any other in the Bible.



Register by August 7, 2023
Max 15 Participants

  • Includes both tent camping and hotels

  • Most meals are included

  • Private Concierge

  • Includes all activity fees

  • and more...



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This was an awesome trip in every way.



An incredible journey into the past that brings historical perspective to the Bible.


The experience was truly majestic...


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