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Expedition ID: 22-05.3

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Do you ever find the Bible difficult to understand at times? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to study the Bible, or that you're missing out on what the Bible is saying? Do you desire to have a deeper relationship with God?


Study the Scriptures on-site with our expert Bible instructors. Experience the world, culture, and history of the Bible. Find yourself challenged and refreshed as you grow as a follower of the Lord. 

Join us as we use the world of the Bible to help you understand the words of the Bible.


Expedition ID: 22-05.3




Sea of Galilee

  • Hotels (+ breakfast and dinner)

  • All entrances per itinerary

  • Local English speaking guide

  • Biblical Expeditions Expert Instructor

  • AC Luxury Tour Bus

  • All tips (guides, hotels, and drivers)

  • Biblical Expeditions trip devotional and learning resources

  • VIP silver assistance on arrival & departure at Ben Gurion Airport 

  • BE Private Trip Concierge

Premium Service

All expeditions include our industry-first unique concierge service. This service ensures your expedition operates at the highest level of service throughout the trip. Forgot something? Have a craving for something sweet? Looking to go into town after a day of touring? Have dietary restrictions? Our concierge is on hand throughout your entire trip ensuring your needs are met every step of the way. Our concierge's work directly for us and there to serve you throughout your expedition.

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Expedition Instructor

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Chandler Collins

Chandler Collins lived in Jerusalem for five years and is the former Dean at Jerusalem University College. He is a Ph.D. student at Bar Ilan University and holds M.A. degrees in Near Eastern archaeology, Old Testament, and Semitic languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Chandler has taught historical geography courses to students throughout Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan. He has also excavated at Khirbet Qeiyafa and Abel Beth Ma’acah.


Chandler loves to introduce people to the physical world of the Bible and to explore the rich connections between land, text, and life. His research interests include historic Jerusalem with a focus on the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the 19th century Ottoman city.


Expedition Itinerary - May 27- June 7, 2022


May 27

  • Depart USA

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May 28


•    Arrival in Tel Aviv
•    Travel to Hotel By Bus
•    Dinner and Overnight in Tel Aviv


May 29


•  Masada
•  Qumran

•  Wadi Qilt 
•  Experience the Dead Sea

View from Masada including theater 2017-
Nebi Samwil.jpg

May 30


•  Nebi Samwil
•  Gibeon

•  Israel Museum
•  Bethlehem

•  Church of the Nativity

•  City of David


May 31


•  Temple Mount

•  Western Wall

•  Western Wall Tunnel tour
•  Temple Mount Sifting Project

•  Tasting tour at Mahaneh Yehudah
•  Walking tour of the Old City

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Mount of Olives.jpeg

June 1

  • Mount of Olives
  • Garden of Gethsemane
  • Dominus Flevit
  • St. Anne’s Church
  • Jaffa Gate
  • Herodian Quarter
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Southern wall of the Temple Mount

June 2


•  Shephelah hill country

•  Lachish
•  Elah Valley
•  Beth Shemesh
•  Ne'ot Kedumim 

Elah Valley_2.jpeg

June 3

•  Caesarea
•  Mount Carmel


June 4


•  Dan
•  Caesarea Philippi (Banias)
•  Mount Hermon
•  Golan Heights


June 5


•  Magdala
•  Sephhoris
•  Kefar Kedem

•  Nazareth

•  Church of the Annunciation
•  Jezreel Valley

•  Evening boat ride on the Sea of Galilee


June 6


•  Yardenit - Jordan River Baptisim
•  Almagor
•  Capernaum

•  Kibbutz Ginosaur


June 7

  • Arrive in USA

***Please note Visits, excursions, mentioned in the program are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances