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Hear from world-renowned scholars and teachers LIVE in this one-of-a-kind digital conference.


Session 1

Marc Turnage

The Son of David:

Solomon, Healing, Exorcism, and Jesus

Session 6

Dr. R. Steven Notley

Reading the Gospel Parables as Jewish Literature

Session 2

Dr. Archie Wright

The Development of Satan in the Second Temple

Period and the New Testament

Session 7

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia

Crossing the Streams:

John, Jesus and the Rabbis on Charity and Deeds of Lovingkindness

Session 3

Dr. Mark Nanos

How to Read Paul and His Letters Within Judaism

Session 8

Marc Turnage

The Kingdom of Heaven:

Politics and Redemption in Ancient Judaism

Session 4

Prof. Mordechai Aviam

On Disciples and Pottery:

Excavating el-Araj and the Identification of Bethsaid

Session 5

Round Table Discussion

Reading the New Testament In Light of Ancient Judaism

Featuring: Marc Turnage, Dr. R. Steven Notley, Dr. Archie Wright and Dr. Jeffrey Garcia



Marc Turnage

Biblical Expeditions


Prof .Mordechai Aviam

Kinneret College


Dr. Archie Wright

Regent University


Dr. R. Steven Notley

Nyack College

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Dr. Mark Nanos


head shot.jpg

Dr. Jeffery Garcia

Nyack College

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