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Have you ever been frustrated or felt lost, like you’re wandering around in a foreign country when you read the Bible? We the offer the finest expert-led, on-site learning experiences to help you learn how to study your bible. Our programs are led by expert biblical archaeologists, historians, and teachers, as well as hand selected and trained local guides that will bring the land and world of the Bible to life. 

Create A Study Tour

We specialize in expert-led custom study tours for pastors, professors, speakers and leaders of all kinds (groups of 30 or more), private groups (minimum of ten people), and luxury tours. Our team works with you to customize and tailor the program and itinerary to your specific needs. 

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Expert-Led Tours 
1st Class Accommodations
Immersive Experiences
Unique Teaching Approach

Study the Bible

Our unique, four-dimensional approach to studying the Bible helps Bible readers to understand how to better read the Bible. We encourage people to read the Bible looking at its spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual settings. Here are recommended resources to help you learn how to read the Bible in this manner.

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Have you ever felt confused, frustrated, or discouraged when reading the Bible - almost as if you're lost, wandering in a foreign country? Well, just like being in a foreign country, reading the Bible can, and should be, adventurous, eye-opening, and exciting. Our courses empower you with the tools to study the Bible and navigate old and new paths, challenge you to continue exploring after the course is completed, and embolden you to teach others to seek adventure in their own journeys. In short, we help you become the disciple Jesus calls us to be. Take a look through the window with us.

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We understand that, while booking a major trip is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming.


That's why we have travel experts here to take care of your every need, making your trip stress-free and amazing.


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