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Marc Turnage holds an MA in Ancient Judaism and the Origins of Christianity from Jerusalem University College. He is currently finishing his PhD in the Land of Israel Studies Department at Bar Ilan University located in Ramat Gan, Israel, under the supervision of Professor Esther Eshel. Marc has taught graduate and undergraduate students at several universities in the United States and abroad. 


Marc moved to Israel to study because he felt that the issues of spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual settings played a vital role in how we read the Bible. While studying in Israel, he fell in love with the lands of the Bible. He has been guiding groups through Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy for over twenty years. Marc is a highly sought-after guide and teacher and routinely trains and lectures local tour guides about guiding Christian groups. He is passionate about leading biblical tours that deliver the very finest experience and helping people understand how to read the Bible.


Marc has published widely for both academic and popular audiences. His most recent book, Windows Into the Bible, was named by Outreach Magazine one of its top 100 Christian living resources. Marc is a widely sought-after speaker, and a gifted teacher. He resides in Springfield, MO with his family.

Marc Turnage

Books by Marc


Steven Notley

R. Steven Notley is Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins on the New York City campus of Nyack College (2001-present) and director of the graduate programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins.  He received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University, where he studied with David Flusser.  Dr. Notley lived sixteen years in Jerusalem with his wife and four children, during which time he was the founding chair of the New Testament Studies program at the Jerusalem University College.  He has been directing groups of students and laypeople to Israel and the eastern Mediterranean region for 30 years.  He is the author of many books and articles.  


He continues collaborative research and publication with Israeli scholars in the fields of historical geography, ancient Judaism and Christian origins.  Among his list of publications, he collaborated with Flusser on the historical biography, The Sage from Galilee:  Rediscovering Jesus’ Genius (Eerdmans 2007); with Anson Rainey (Tel Aviv University) the monumental biblical atlas, The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World (Carta Publishing 2005); with Ze’ev Safrai (Bar Ilan University) an annotated translation of Eusebius’ important description of Roman Palestine, Eusebius, Onomasticon:  A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary (Brill 2005).  


He rejoined Safrai for their second work, a pioneering collection and translation of the earliest rabbinic parables that provide the literary and religious context for the parables of Jesus, The Parables of the Sages (Carta 2011). Since 2016 he has served as the Academic Director of the El Araj Excavation Project in its search for first-century Bethsaida-Julias, the lost city of the Apostles. 

Tracy Paino

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Dr. Tracy Paino is filled with passion, humor, and a sense of adventure which bring life to his speaking and teaching.  Dr. Paino strived to be intentional, relational, and missional in his years as a youth pastor, church planter, pastor, college professor, dean, and motivational speaker.  He has traveled the world inspiring students, teachers, congregations, pastors, schools, and leaders in well-known companies such as 3M, General Mills, IKEA, and Jenny-O.  Fifteen years in pastoral ministry, over twenty years in higher education, a two year stint as a national ministry representative for a missions organization that helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

One of his many passions is to challenge people to go deeper in their faith, to make the Bible come alive, and to serve as a teaching guide for trips to the land of the Bible. He enjoys opening up new paths of insight into the Bible and the Christian faith using the context of biblical history, language, culture, and spirituality. High School students, College students, pastors, church leaders, and people from all walks of life benefit from his unique style of combining these elements with a pastoral approach while using the geographical and archeological realities of the biblical setting.


His educational background includes a B.A. from Evangel University (Springfield, MO) in Biblical Studies, a Masters of Divinity from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Ministry from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN), and post-doctoral work in Biblical Languages, Biblical Geography, and Ancient Judaism.  Along with his wife, Debbie, he resides in Apple Valley, MN. They have two daughters, one son, and their families which include seven gorgeous granddaughters.   As a self-diagnosed adrenaline “junkie” he participates in many different outdoor activities like biking, climbing, hiking, skiing, and camping.  He enjoys traveling and continues to be a contributing professor and teacher on trips to Israel, Jordan, and other biblical locations.This unique combination of pastoral, biblical, and recreational acumen gives a sense of adventure to all of his teaching, guiding, and leadership.

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Dale Brantner

Dale Brantner serves as the Chief Catalyst Officer for The Signatry, a global Christian foundation . His goal is to inspire new growth for The Signatry initiatives and inspire radical biblical generosity.


Dale served within the Office of the President at Museum at the Bible, and continues to work closely with MOTB, where he brings a rich set of skills and leadership experience, gained from a diverse career path both in the United States and internationally.    


Prior to Museum of the Bible, Dale served as President and CEO of CURE International, after serving for many years as Senior Vice President, responsible for leading the organization’s spiritual ministry and development efforts.


Dale and his family have followed God’s calling to serve in numerous roles across three continents. Over the last thirty years, Dale has served as a pastor, professor of Hebrew Bible, President of the Theological College of Zimbabwe and even as a shepherd of the largest flock of sheep in northern Israel. 


Dale has a master’s degree from Evangelical Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree from Messiah College. He has done both undergraduate and graduate work in Israel, as well as Ph.D. work at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He has been leading people in Israel for over thirty-three years.


Dale is an outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, camping, hunting, and fly fishing. He loves to travel and experience other cultures and to lead small study treks in Israel. He is passionate about integrity in biblical studies, spreading the gospel holistically, and working among the poor in underserved regions of the world. Dale and his wife Dianne live in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, and have three children, Jordan, Shirah, and Taliah.

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Carrie Wood

Carrie Wood’s passion and excitement for Scripture and the lands of the Bible is contagious as she enthusiastically opens Scripture and walks with her students. Her greatest desire is to share Jesus in His time and space and provide a dimensional view of Scripture to enable students to have an exciting encounter with their faith and discipleship. 

Carrie’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Theology from The King’s University. She earned a Master of Divinity from Regent University where she is currently a PhD candidate working in the field of Biblical Studies, supervised by Dr. Corné J. Bekker.

Carrie has spent many years as an educator on multiple continents. Time spent as a Hospice Chaplain taught her to live life abundantly  and to fully experience each day we are given.  Currently she holds a contract as an educator for the United States Navy and spends time working for Regent University School of Divinity as faculty representative for Graduate student studies in Israel.

Carrie is married to Chaplain Glen Wood, Captain USN.  Together they have traveled and lived around the world serving God and country. Their best adventures always include their two grown children together with their spouses and a beloved grandson.

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Wave Nunnally

Dr. Wave Nunnally’s love for the Scriptures has brought him to Evangel, where he has been a staple in the Theology Department for the past decade. Among his many academic accomplishments, the former CBC professor has studied Hebrew in Israel and earned a Ph.D. from Jewish rabbinical school.  He has also published an extensive amount of literature including numerous books, book chapters and articles. Along with teaching a wide range of Bible courses, Dr. Nunnally directs Evangel’s Israel/Jordan/Egypt study trip program and teaches Sunday school at nearby Central Assembly.

When he’s not working, Dr. Nunnally loves playing sports and spending time outdoors. He enjoys softball, weightlifting and archery, along with watching action movies and the Outdoor Channel.


Dr. Nunnally is married to Lacey Nunnally, director of Evangel’s Social Work Program. They both treasure spending quality time with their two children and two grandchildren.


Archie Wright

Dr. Wright is the Associate Professor of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins at Regent University in Virginia. After receiving his BA in New Testament with minors in Jewish Scriptures and Modern Hebrew from Oral Roberts University, Dr. Wright also received his MA in Ancient Languages and Early Judaism from ORU. He received his Ph.D. at Durham University in England under the supervision of Drs. Loren Stuckenbruck and Robert Hayward, both experts in the field of Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity. His dissertation examined the text of Genesis 6:1-4 and the “Origin of Evil Spirits in Early Judaism,” in particular, the texts of 1 Enoch and Philo of Alexandria.

Dr. Wright’s research focuses on the relationship between 2nd Temple Period Jewish Literature and the New Testament, in particular the understanding of the NT in its 1st century Jewish context. He is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha, and serves as co-editor of Enoch Literature for the Textual History of the Bible, and as the General Editor for the forthcoming monograph series with Baker Academic, The NT in its Second Temple Jewish Context.


Chris McKinny

Chris McKinny has a PhD from Bar Ilan University in Israel. His dissertation focused on the historical geography and archaeology of the town lists of Judah and Benjamin in the book of Joshua. Chris currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, The Master’s University (IBEX), and William Jessup University. Outside the classroom, Chris is a senior staff member of the Tel Burna Archaeological Project (Biblical Libnah), and he has contributed a wide-range of peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, and popular essays. Chris is currently engaged in several other writing and research projects, including writing numerous articles in the Lexham Geographic Commentary Series, preparing content for the Old Testament Books of the Photo Companion to the Bible, and writing extensive study notes for The Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel - 1-2 Samuel. 


Chris has also authored, co-authored, and co-edited several books including: My People as Your People: A Textual and Archaeological Analysis of the Reign of Jehoshaphat, Tell it in Gath: Studies in the History and Archaeology of Israel Essays in Honor of A. M. Maeir on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday, The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan, The Tribal Allotments of Judah and Benjamin in the Book of Joshua: A Historical Geography, and The Historical Geography of the Exodus and Wilderness Itinerary (Exod 12-19; Num 33:1-49).


Chris has led numerous study trips to Israel and Jordan for both students and non-students alike. 

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