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Biblical Expeditions

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Springfield, MO 65810

Course Schedule


• April 27, 2019—Greeks, Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, Temple, Synagogue—The world and sources of ancient Judaism


• May 4, 2019—The Persian Period

• May 7, 2019—The Hellenistic Age

• May 11, 2019—The Roman Period


• May 14, 2019—Jewish Scriptures and Their Interpretation

• May 18, 2019—Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

• May 21, 2019—The Dead Sea Scrolls

• May 25, 2019—Josephus

• May 28, 2019—Philo

• June 1, 2019—Jewish Literature Written in Greek

The Jewish World:

• June 8, 2019—Judaism in the Land of Israel

• June 15, 2019—Judaism in the Diaspora

Culture, Faith, and Piety:

• June 22, 2019—Temple, Cult, and Priesthood

• June 29, 2019—Synagogue

• July 6, 2019—Sects and Parties—Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and the Others

• July 13, 2019—Ideals of Piety

• July 20, 2019—Deliverance, Judgment, and Vindication

• July 27, 2019—Agents of Divine Deliverance

Course Costs and Info:

$135 Per Month for a total of $405.

All Courses are taught through a live digital teaching platform offering students an opportunity to interact with the instructor and gain invaluable insight into the course material.  

The course will meet at 8am CST on Saturdays, and Tuesday nights in May, we will meet at 6:30pm CST

Student's who miss the live sessions may also re-watch the session back on-demand.

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