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We Believe:

The Bible is God’s revelation in time, space, and culture.

Encounters with the spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual world of the Bible answer what the Bible meant as a way for modern readers to understand what it means for us today.


Expert Lead Tours 


1st Class Accommodations


Immersive Experiences


Unique Teaching Approach

Onsite engagement with the world of the Bible excites, encourages, and transforms Bible reading and study.

Understanding what the Bible meant can create better followers of Jesus, people who study his words, do them, and teach others what they have learned (Ezra 7:10).

What We Do

We design expert-led inspirational trips of a lifetime to the lands of the Bible.

We offer a range of biblical tours: group tours for pastors and churches, adventure-hiking tours, culinary-biblical tours, private, and luxury tours.

Our programs are led by expert biblical archaeologists, historians, and teachers, as well as our hand selected and trained local guides that will bring the land and the world of the Bible to life.

Our program packages cover almost all travel costs, accommodations, entrances, food (breakfast and dinner), and tips.


Marc Turnage is the guide you want! He offers biblical, historical, cultural and practical insight - collectively these bring a multi dimensional experience that surpass a tour, and bring Life transformation! 


- Marty S-

Biblical Expeditions is an incredible journey to experience Scripture biblically, geographically, culturally and archeologically. 


After five trips with Marc to Israel and Greece, there is no one else I would want to tour with than  Biblical Expeditions.


- Kathy B-

Our experience in Israel with Biblical Expeditions was both deep and wide.  The tour brought the biblical, historical, cultural and geographic aspects of the Holy Land into clear focus.  The experience has transformed the way we understand the Bible and God’s work in redemptive history.


- Ross W-

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